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Focus on Surface quality

Surfaces are the business card of every basic commodity. They give the first impression to the viewer and convey value. Whether and how external stresses affect the surfaces is checked by the specialists of the iLF Magdeburg. The iLF has a broad methodological base and is a reliable, independent partner to the industry. A growing customer base already relies on our expertise - test us too!

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29. August 2018

Reaccreditation audit passed

In April and May, the iLF Forschungs- und Entwicklungsgesellschaft Lacke und Farben mbH and the Institut fuer Lacke und Farben Magdeburg gGmbH passed their re-accreditation audits. At the same time, the scope of accreditation has been extended.

The new accreditation certificates and attachments are available on this website.

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07. February 2017

First RPA training at the iLF Magdeburg

The Rest Potential Analysis (RPA) is an investigation method developed at iLF Magdeburg, which can be used to test the quality of conversion coatings on aluminum. In the course of the establishment of the rest potential analysis by coaters, the first pilot user meeting took place on 19 January 2017 as part of a training course at the iLF Magdeburg.

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